Rules & Procedures

Please go to Membership Registration to register your school/club and wrestlers.


  • 6 man round robin tournaments
  • Blocked weights
  • Wrestling by grade levels/Division
  • HOME WEIGH IN – weigh ins must be turned in by 6PM on Thursday for that Saturdays tournament. (for developmental tournaments)
  • Electronic payment of registration fees is required at the time of tournament registration.
  • Tournament Directors for developmental tournaments have the right to adjust to get each wrestler 5 matches
  • 8th graders may opt up to High School Division at the discretion of the coach and parents
  • HS wrestlers may opt up any grade level (at their coaches discretion)
  • At Regional and State Tournament wrestlers may return to their grade level even if they opted up during the developmental season
  • Every wrestler must wrestle at least ONE developmental tournament to wrestle at the Regional tournament
  • High School wrestlers will be entered in a special ALL-STATE division at the Regional’s. (If you were a High School Association State Qualifier you have to enter the ALL-STATE division at your Regional Tournament)


High School Association rules with the following modifications:

  • All match scoring will be plus 1point
    • Takedown 3pts
    • Reversal 3pts
    • Escape 2pts
    • Near fall 3 or 4pts
    • Penalty Points 2pts-2pts-3pts-DQ
  • Chart scoring will be minus 1point
    • Pin 5pts
    • Technical fall 4pts-(winning by 16 or more match points)
    • Major Decision 3pts-(winning by 8-15 match points)
    • Decision 2pts-(winning by 1-7 match points)


  • ALL three periods will be 1 1/2 minutes each
  • 1st Period Both wrestler will begin in the Neutral position
  • In the first period a takedown is 1pt.
  • There will be no escape points in the first period
  • Once a takedown is awarded, They are to be brought back to their feet immediately. If they take them directly to their back during the take down they may finish the pin. If they come out of the pinning position they return to their feet.*****
  • 2nd Period (coin flip) wrestler can choose top or bottom position
  • 3rd Period wrestlers start opposite as they did in the 2nd period


  • A bonus point will be awarded in the 2nd and 3rd period
  • If the bottom wrestler escapes/reverses he will be awarded his points plus 1 point bonus for scoring from the bottom position
  • If the top position wrestler rides his opponent the full period he will earn the bonus point
  • Bonus Point is NOT earned on penalty points


  • There will be NO warning for stalling
  • Stalling will be called 2pts-2pts-3pts-DQ


  • 1  minute period, if no points are scored there will be a second 1 minute period
  • Each period will start in the neutral position
  • There will be a 10 second rest between periods
  • Winner is determined by the first point scored in overtime
  • If there is still no score after 2 periods of OT -match goes Directly to Ultimate Overtime.