Rules & Procedures

Please go to Membership Registration to register your school/club and wrestlers.


  • 6 man round robin tournaments
  • Blocked weights
  • Wrestling by grade levels
  • HOME WEIGH IN – weigh ins must be turned in by 6PM on Thursday for that Saturdays tournament. (for developmental tournaments)
  • Electronic payment of registration fees is required at the time of tournament registration.
  • Tournament Directors for developmental tournaments have the right to adjust to get each wrestler 5 matches
  • 6th, 7th and 8th graders may opt up ONE grade level
  • HS wrestlers may opt up any grade level (at their coaches discretion)
  • At Regional and State Tournament wrestlers may return to their grade level even if they opted up during the developmental season
  • Every wrestler must wrestle at least ONE developmental tournament to wrestle at the Regional tournament
  • High School wrestlers will be entered in a special ALL-STATE division at the Regional’s. (If you were a High School Association State Qualifier you have to enter the ALL-STATE division at your Regional Tournament)


High School Association rules with the following modifications:

  • All match scoring will be plus 1point
    • Takedown 3pts
    • Reversal 3pts
    • Escape 2pts
    • Near fall 3 or 4pts
    • Penalty Points 2pts-2pts-3pts-DQ
  • Chart scoring will be minus 1point
    • Pin 5pts
    • Technical fall 4pts-(winning by 16 or more match points)
    • Major Decision 3pts-(winning by 8-15 match points)
    • Decision 2pts-(winning by 1-7 match points)


  • ALL three periods will be 1 1/2 minutes each
  • 1st Period Both wrestler will begin in the Neutral position
  • In the first period a takedown is 1pt.
  • There will be no escape points in the first period
  • Once a takedown is awarded, the top wrestler will have 5-10 seconds to turn the opponent for a fall, as long as there is action. The wrestlers will be brought to their feet. No escape will be awarded.
  • 2nd Period (coin flip) wrestler can choose top or bottom position
  • 3rd Period wrestlers start opposite as they did in the 2nd period


  • A bonus point will be awarded in the 2nd and 3rd period
  • If the bottom wrestler escapes/reverses he will be awarded his points plus 1 point bonus for scoring from the bottom position
  • If the top position wrestler rides his opponent the full period he will earn the bonus point
  • Bonus Point is NOT earned on penalty points


  • There will be NO warning for stalling
  • Stalling will be called 2pts-2pts-3pts-DQ


  • 1  minute period, if no points are scored there will be a second 1 minute period
  • Each period will start in the neutral position
  • There will be a 10 second rest between periods
  • Winner is determined by the first point scored in overtime
  • If there is still no score after 2 periods of OT -match goes Directly to Ultimate Overtime.